11.10_Expanding AmericanandJackson Years

11.10_Expanding AmericanandJackson Years - The...

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The whipping-machine 1. William Gross a. 1854- man interviewed when living in Canada b. Began his life as a slave in Virginia, the oldest parts- i. Africans were now African Americans and they had their own culture ii. You could build a life that was different than an African thrown on a plantation in the Caribbean or S.C. iii. So many generations of people had worked hard to establish this life iv. The generations before him created families v. His goal was to improve his own life and the life of his family members c. By the 1830’s, he is a young man who is married. He is owned by someone else and can only visit her on the weekends. He lives 10 miles away. They plan to have a family, to do what they can to improve the condition of their family. They even have dreams of buying their own freedom eventually. He is a ‘favored slave’. Can drive the wagon to the mill (implies trust and reliability). These slaves were considered the best workers. He could do extra jobs and pick up some extra money upon which you can build a life. He is driving the wagon into town, he gets his flour grounded and a couple white men order him to come with them. They are slave traders who are opened up because of the Louisiana Purchase. He resists but they tie him down and put him on the back of a horse and continue down the road to where his wife lives. He sees his wife coming along the road and she is carrying his clothes to him.
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11.10_Expanding AmericanandJackson Years - The...

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