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I. Louisiana Purchase a. Multiple Ironies i. A slave rebellion (successful) allowed for the expansion of slavery in western United States ii. Empire of Liberty” b. Looking into Jefferson’s role in American history i. Contradictions that link slavery and freedom. ii. Similar to how Bacon’s Rebellion established freedom for whites as whites began to be associated with freedom and blacks with slavery since those were enslaved gave the whites freedom. iii. The same happens over the next 57 years after the Louisiana Purchase. Jefferson calls the new land “The Empire of Liberty” 1. Many acres 2. Independent farmers (Republican Philosophy) 3. No dependence on trade or government II. Jeffersonian Contradictions a. Louisiana Purchase b. Purging the Federalists/Dissension in the ranks i. Drives out Federalists from DC offices ii. Rule out and impeach judges who passed the Alien and Sedition Acts c. The personal Jefferson: “Heart and Head” d. Dealing with foreign affairs
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Unformatted text preview: i. What sort of foreign policy does a republic have? ii. Embargo, Failure, War- 1807 Embargo suspends all American Foreign Trade. US exports decline 80% (There are still some black market trading). The only think that succeeds are American factories such as textiles. Non-Intercourse Act iii. British Blockade iv. Smuggling v. Grumbling vi. Resistance e. Andrew Jackson i. Creeks ii. Spanish Florida 1. Captures Capital 2. Goes to New Orleans when he had heard that the British were moving there. iii. Louisiana 1. Mayor wants to call it an open city so it doesn’t get burned down, but Jackson bullies the government of N.O. to publically declare their support for him. Jackson is a tough man. Has bullets lodged in him from duels. 2. Kills General Packenham. 3. The news of this battle cross in New Jersey with news from New England that talks about possible N.E. Succession....
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