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Prison Industrial

Prison Industrial - Frank Hager History 1531 Mary Fellmen...

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Frank Hager History 1531 Mary Fellmen April 24, 2009 The Prison-Industrial Complex The main question that comes to my mind while reading the article “The Prison Industrial Complex” is whether or not the increased number of prisoners over the past decades shows that America has become a more advanced society. By advanced society, I mean is America’s increase in prisoners an example of a society that has advanced so far that they put nonviolent violators behind bars? Marc Mauer, the author of The Race to Incarcerate, says, “We have embarked on a great social experiment. No other society in human history has ever imprisoned so many of its own citizens for the purpose of crime control." Such a social experiment is evidence of an advanced society showing its best attempt to control its dangerous crime problems. Although this article seems to take the stance that the increase of prisoners is caused by political and economic reasons, I will argue that America is a more advanced society that has used prison to control law breakers.
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