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Discussion Prep 1

Discussion Prep 1 - The Great Uprising Summer 1877 after...

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Unformatted text preview: The Great Uprising Summer 1877 after cuts in wages led to a strike in Martinsburg, WV and spread throughout the country Sherman Anti-Trust Act Government attempt to limit big business and monopolies but was uneffective because the courts favored the big businesses Som Political thought stressed by men such as Bellamy that called for a social utopia in which the government was in control Knights of Labor- labor union with huge diversity, inviting unskilled workers, women, immigrants, and blacks Injury of one is the concern of all Terrence Powderly- Grand Master Workman 1884 and 1885 strikes Increase in memberships Industrial Unionism- all Workers (skilled or unskilled) Homestead Strike Homestead steel- Company decided to eliminate a series of jobs and provoke a strike where they can defeat the union so they can hire workers on their own wage scales. Brought in 300 detectives (Pinkertans) Pitched battle between workers and Pinkertans. State militia was called in after Pinkertans surrender. Pitched battle between workers and Pinkertans....
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