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Unformatted text preview: H i roshima - by, John Hersey • • Does he downplay the Japanese hatred for Americans? o o Page 93 How do these 6 people appeal to the American audience? • o 2 doctors, 2 religious, 2 women Still a white person Audience Hersey Grew up in China, but didn’t speak Japanese. Therefore, all these people i nterviewed spoke English, which was not very common. This also says t hat these people are a well-educated urban audience with US ties (one was educated at Emory) How would this book have been changed if Hersey spoke Japanese and could interview people who only spoke Japanese? *You could almost put English names on these people* • Surrender o Japanese audience is honored to hear their Emperor’s voice on the radio, w hich helps illustrate the cultural differences between Japs and US • Endings o How are the different endings leaving us on a different note? ...
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