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9.16.08 officer - 5 Mentoring program possible mentors...

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Stony Brook Biomedical Engineering Society September 16 th  2008 7-8pm Tabler Caf é Officers’ Meeting 1. Student Faculty Luncheon- cost will be split with CFB; Matt- talk to Nubia 2. Student faculty sports night- pair it with barbeque; Matt- talk to intramural sports  for lit field; split with CFB; Frisbee and softball- tentative sport 3. Tues Sept 23 rd - put deposit for quiznos; Pooja- pick up check and give to Liz; Liz-  get food 4. Involvement Fair: pamphlets- Jerry; Matt, Kathleen, Hala, Liz 12:50-1:30; Pooja  and Jerry 1:30 to end
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Mentoring program possible mentors besides officers: Alex Bruno, Michael Budassi, Bridget M, Dan Z, Karin Wang, Tee Pamon, Erica Palma, Rob Kimmerling, Mike Scheid; Pooja- set up; Kathleen- Anya, Jerry- Eileen 6. Student lounge for new BME building- fundraising, poker tournament 7. Oct 2 nd- scavenger hunt without Matt and Liz (prize- ice cream) 8. Oct 15 th- tentative date for sports night 9. Idea: ask Wei Lin for computer for office for our own BMES server...
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