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9.30.08 officer - 3. Lab tours for BNL and CSH- buses from...

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Stony Brook Biomedical Engineering Society September 30 th  2008 7-8pm Tabler Café Officers’ Meeting 1. Discussed budget for past/upcoming events: a. Luncheon (2) b. Physics review c. Student faculty sports d. Guest speaker e. College of engineering barbeque: Oct 8 th  12:50pm f. Marathon g. Poker night 2. Have a general advising day with a research presentation
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Lab tours for BNL and CSH- buses from engineering 4. SHPE: asked for money for breakfast mixer- Ben 5. Poker Night- new building fundraising- Jerry 6. Designing contest- build something faculty may want- did not pass 7. Scavenger hunt list- Pooja 8. Emilia Entcheva gets invited to every event...
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