Lab 4report - 1 1 Wet 1: Water 2: 10% Ethyl Sponge 3:...

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Figure 3 Figure 2 Figure 1 1: Dry Sponge 2: 10% Ethyl Alcohol 1: Water 2: 10% Ethyl Alchohol 3: 10% Sodium Chloride Solution 4: 10% Sucrose Solution 1 2 3 4 1 2 2 1 Wet Dry Dry Wet 1 Lab 3: Experimental Design and Data Analysis I 10/10/08 Methods Part one of the experiment was conducted to determine whether isopods have a preference between moist or dry areas and whether the orientation of the sponges effected preference. Four small sponged were leaned against the wall of an 8’’ culture dish with sandpaper at the bottom. See figure 1 for the orientation. These mimicked hiding places for the isopods, such as logs outdoors. The first and third sponges were moistened with 6 mL of plain water and an incandescent bulb was placed 20 cm on top and in the center of the isopod arena. Fourteen isopods were added inside the arena and left under the incandescent light for five minutes. After five minutes, the number of isopods under each sponge was counted. Next, the sponges were layed flat and the number of isopods present on each sponge was counted after five
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Lab 4report - 1 1 Wet 1: Water 2: 10% Ethyl Sponge 3:...

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