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Ian Francis Mr. Calvey WRT 102-65 2-11-09 In Thomas Bartlett’s piece Don’t Blame Ashlee he effectively uses an appeal to the reader’s pathos and logos to help drive his point home. By using a conversational tone in his writing and constantly writing about Ashlee Simpson and Lindsey Lohan in a sort of pitying tone he make the reader view them as foolish children. This allows the reader to accept the case to dismiss their follies, in this case lip synching. He also presents a logical argument as he makes the point that these singers aren’t really known for their vocal talents anyway. If this is the case
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Unformatted text preview: then why does it matter if they aren’t really singing at their live performances? He also delivers an appeal to the reader’s logic when he talks about the recent baseball doping scandals. These girls lip synching has gotten more of a reaction than these national role models manipulating their bodies and lying about it in front of millions of their fans. He presents his argument in such a way that the reader begins to accept that lip synching isn’t really that big of a deal....
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