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Informal Essay - 1 Mr Calvey WRT 102-65 9 February 2009 Why...

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1 Mr. Calvey WRT 102-65 9 February 2009 Why Washington is Stuck in the Mud There are no problems with modern political discourse. It occurs every day in the halls and offices of Washington DC. Everyday Republicans talk with Democrats, Liberals with Conservatives. However if there are no problems with political discourse then why is progressive change so slow to come to the United States? What hinders its advancement? The problem lies with who we are sending to Washington. Our politicians are no longer of the same breed as Andrew Jackson, who rose from total obscurity and modest beginnings in Tennessee to become one of the most influential presidents in our history. Instead we have been electing men and women bred for congress. We have been choosing “career politicians” to lead us. Career politicians lack a connection with their constituents, a true drive for change, and any real life experience outside Washington. That is why positive progressive change has vanished in the United States political arena. The ultimate goal of a career politician is to be elected. Beyond that their only job choice is to help those who do get elected. Because of this there is a concerning trend of “carpetbagger” politicians, an individual who moves somewhere with the sole purpose of being elected from there. This used to be a strictly local problem. Someone moves across a county line or buys an apartment in a county where they are more “electable.” However this trend is starting to take hold in our higher offices as well. As an example, a close look at the career path of Hillary Rodham Clinton can leave you kind of confused. An
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Informal Essay - 1 Mr Calvey WRT 102-65 9 February 2009 Why...

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