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Personal mini essay - Ian Francis WRT 102-65 Mr Calvey...

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Ian Francis WRT 102-65 Mr. Calvey Personal “Mini-Essay” In the past I have only written when necessary for classes of for job opportunities, internships and other such obligations. I do write poetry for my own personal enjoyment. My in class experience is almost totally in research and analytical papers. I took AP Language and Composition and received a 5 on the national exam. This class was strongly focused on literary analysis. I also took both AP US history and AP US Government. Papers for those classes were mostly research papers. I don’t really enjoy nor have any experience in creative writing projects. While I don’t hate writing non-fiction papers like I hate writing fiction, it is still not my favorite thing. Mostly I view it as a necessary evil in the academic world. It is something that I have to do and will continue to have to do. If given the choice I would much rather present my argument or findings orally. One of my biggest weaknesses is taking my knowledge and my ideas and putting them on paper. I can talk through them
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