RA Works cited and thesis

RA Works cited and thesis - unacceptable. My question is...

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Ian Francis Mr Calvey WRT 102-65 3-27-2009 RA Works Cited and Potential Thesis There have been many tremendous leaps in the realm of sport science. These have come both with sports specifically in mind and with the application of technology from other industries to sports. In the past decade we have seen the creation of a series of swimsuits that mold an athlete’s body to the perfect aqua-dynamic form while having a drag coefficient that is significantly lower than skin. In the creation of the women’s suits designers purposely try to minimize the chest and hips. The question is where do we draw the line? As a society we have decided that the actual genetic manipulation of one’s body for the purpose of sport is
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Unformatted text preview: unacceptable. My question is how are these swimsuits any different? Thesis: Because of their high cost, manipulation of the human body, and profound effect on performance these suits have destroyed the spirit of athletic competition and should be banned. Works Cited Clarke, Charles. "Design For Winners." The Engineer (2008): 44,46,48. DeFrantz, Anita. "Which Rules? International Sport and Doping in the 21st Century." Houston Journal of International Law 31.1 (2008): 1-26. Kessel, Anna. "Born Slippy." Observer Sports Magazine 23 November 2008: 45. "Olympic Observations." USA Today 15 August 2008. Schniederman, Ron. "The 2008 Technolympics." Electronic Design 56.15 (2008): 32,33,36,38,40....
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RA Works cited and thesis - unacceptable. My question is...

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