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TA one sheet - political reality” he is dealing with is...

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Ian Francis Mr. Calvey WRT 102-65 2-27-09 In his article My Amendment George Saunders expresses his views on those fighting for a gay marriage ban. He does this through satire. He argues the radical view that not only should same sex marriage be illegal but “same-ish sex” marriages should be as well. In his satirical rant against marriage between those of questionable masculinity and feminism he utilizes many of the same arguments used in opposition to homosexuality. That a person needs to change who they are, because who/what they are isn’t acceptable. That everyone must fit into what is viewed as socially normal. I read the article once straight, then again with a pen in hand to annotate; I then read the irony/satire sheet online and read the article one last time. As the irony sheet suggested, Saunders is presenting the most extreme opinion, to the point of it being ridiculous. His tone is very misanthropic. He is talking about how all his friend’s relationships are immoral. The “specific
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Unformatted text preview: political reality” he is dealing with is the argument over gay marriage the “grand philosophical issue” that he is exploring is the degree of freedom people should have in their own lives. Saunders is specifically satirizing the social conservatives who are so vehemently pursuing a ban on gay marriage. The major point he starts out with at the beginning tells us this. He introduces himself as an “obscure, middle-aged, heterosexual short-story writer,” someone who is absolutely not impacted by gay marriage at all. However in the next line he asserts that he like any other “sane” person is against gay marriage. These lines are there to illustrate how ridiculous many of the people he is targeting are. Potential Thesis: In his satirical piece My Amendment George Saunders uses as strong appeal to the reader’s pathos. He accomplishes this through his tone, presentation of ideas, and imagery....
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TA one sheet - political reality” he is dealing with is...

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