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The NCAA strives to identify and develop student-athlete leaders who serve as advocates for positive change. These leaders must be willing to identify and address key issues on their campuses. Advocates must also possess strong communication skills in order to promote better communication among student-athletes, coaches, administrators, faculty and the community. In 250 to 600 words, explain why and how you believe you will add significant value to the NCAA National Student-Athlete Development Conference, your campus and your community. Please be sure when answering the question to include specific examples of past or current experiences, outside of athletics, where you served as a leader and advocated for positive change. In addition, discuss any talents or strengths you possess in your role as a leader. My biggest strength is my experience. In the past few years I have accumulated over 400
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Unformatted text preview: hours of community service, most of which in relation to the Hugh OBrian Youth Leadership conferences (HOBY). The goal of this organization is to encourage young adults to instigate positive change in their communities through student initiated programs. I have served in a leadership role for the state of Colorado HOBY chapter for the past 4 years. These roles have been diverse. I have been responsible for 15 sophomore ambassadors as a Junior Facilitator and a Junior Staffer, I have been a director of Junior staffers. Within this organization I have created and cultivated new programs to help compliment the existing curriculum, including a comprehensive daily newsletter that I edit and publish for the duration of the conference....
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