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april 9 - a certain area Blockbusting would try to scare...

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Housing Civil Rights Act- (1968) -Racial Steering - is the suggested location of residency in certain neighborhoods depending on race. Real estate broker is legally responsible for showing you properties of interest without reguard to race. A broker can lose their license if they discriminate against prospective clients, only showing houses in certain neighborhoods. Outlaw any discrimination in lending- in 2 different ways: 1) The only thing that should be important is the logistical numbers: ie: debt, finances, income, savings, familial contribution, etc. 2) They cannot take anything else into consideration 3) You cannot judge an application because it is located in a certain area. – you shouldn’t advise against them because of neighborhood conditions. You would be putting the neighborhood at a serious disadvantage if broker advised against a loan, or investment in
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Unformatted text preview: a certain area. Blockbusting- would try to scare white neighborhoods into selling properties for low values, and then turn over property very quickly to low-income housing, rather than developing into diverse areas with strong growth. A.k.a. “white flight”-added to segregation of housing that exists now. “ PUD ”-planned Unit development – gated community-you can’t get in unless you are invited/allowed.-fire dept, and police can enter at any time *these communities become their own small governments, in essence. The fees for living in community cover all costs of roads, cleanup, maintenance, etc. -Becoming more popular, and trends toward elitism Community Development Program (1874)- Section 8 housing-gives direct aid to people to afford their rent.-government will subsidize housing costs for builders to guarantee affordable housing...
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