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February 18, 2008 End of 19 th century: Non partisan ballot: run as yourself not as a national party member. o Did not take hold in most cities. o Did take hold in more local elections Short ballot: ballot shortened to critical positions o Took hold. i.e. highway administrator no longer voted on (clerk, assessor…etc.) Civil service reform: merit system. o End the machine era o Grant – national civil service based on tests and merit, not on appointment. o Garfield – assassinated. Pendleton Civil Service Act 1803 – any entry position will be given by test scores. Pendleton Civil Service Act: o Exams: Rule of 3 – administrator that gets to choose person for position can choose from top 3 scores. Negative interview – try to get you to sign that you don’t want the job (declamation). They can choose from people below you then. It is against the law to do this.
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Unformatted text preview: o Promotional exams – only get hired at entry level and to get promotion based on exam. o Job Security – can’t lose job without good cause. Entitles to due process. • If you accept position with elected official there is no guarantee you will be kept even until the person ends their term. Sometimes not necessary to take exams – EXEMPT: o Patronage is less than 5% (2-4%). o Professional people I.E. nurses, doctor….etc. once they have job they are protected o Laborers – no practical exam. But once hired, after probation they are also given job security. • Strong Mayor (before reform mayor was not important, sat on council with one vote like everyone else, they themselves have no power) – more true chief executive o Power to appoint o Veto legislation o Propose budget •...
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