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Mar10, 2008 - building controls In this sense local...

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City Council - planned for future structure and development of city. They designed grid system that still exists in Manhattan -majority of Manhattan was forest and farmland Avenues and streets would comprise the grid system. -Bill of rights guarantees property rights. Eminent Domain- is the governments right to take property from private owner for the betterment of the land. If unsatisfied with government compensation, you can take government to state supreme court for just value of home. 1926- Euclid v. Ambler – part of your responsibility is to safeguard; the health, safety, and rights of local citizens. Government can prohibit companies/factories from developing/building/working in residential areas (or too close to someone’s home) -lowest level of government reserves this right. Whichever is the smallest authority in the city, town, or village holds the constitutional right to determine zoning. NO higher authority can tell them to zone their property in a different way. They are exempt from local
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Unformatted text preview: building controls. In this sense, local governments hold enormous power. 1) Health- water syste, sewer system 2) Saftey- road systems, speed limits, road signs, drainage basins are very important 3) Public facilities- are any buildings citizens visit for services ; hospitals, police stations, libraries, court houses, schools, parks, subways, transportation hubs, a. These all impact local economy b. Cause discrepancies on locations of these buildings because of economy Airpoirts are close to public buildings because of both commercial interests and raw materials or politicians that need to be flown in close. Zoning restrictions must allow for this. 4) Housing- again, local governments decide ALL factors in housing, types of housing, materials, color, size, dimensions, upkeep, theme and models. a. Approx 85% or above are single-family homes....
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Mar10, 2008 - building controls In this sense local...

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