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March_24 - Explains why variation exists from one place to...

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Zoning map - Every property in zone, decides what can be built there i.e. commercial, residential etc. came from Euclid supreme court decision. Zoning laws all comprehensive like how big side yard can be, how deep back and front yard is, percentage of overall property can be built on. Very restrictive. On LI single family homes prevail, in part due to zoning. Zoning laws controlled by lowest level of local government, in NY town or city or villages, NOT county. (City of NY and Glen cove etc.).
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Unformatted text preview: Explains why variation exists from one place to another. • Exclusionary zoning – negative. Zoning prevents poor from moving in. refers to cost of moving into suburbs. Usually single family expensive homes. • Nimby – not in my back yard • Transfer of development rights – govt buys property like farm, just owns future development rights doesn’t take land immediately. Gives money to farmer, who sells right to develop on property....
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