Pol 327February 11

Pol 327February 11 - As people moved to suburbs congress...

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Pol 327 February 11, 2008 Land cheaper in the suburbs American dream Less crime Expansion of met. Area lasted until stock market crash, slowed process, drop in consumer confidence Depression – 50% unemployed or making less than before We technically didn’t get out of depression o WWII entrance in 1941 got us out o Also suppressed development of met area until 1946 because all men at war, fuel shortage, rubber at premium Levittown NY 1 st major suburb in US o Each house sold for about 2000 made affordable for families and returning troops Piece was possible because of building technique similar to car assembly line Federal policies enabling expansion of suburbs: 1. Home mortages: guaranteed payment of mortgage to banks by federal government made getting loans from bank to buy house easier 2. Tax deductions: whatever paid in interest mortgage and housing cost is deductable from income taxes. a. Incentive to buy property and cheaper to buy than rent
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Unformatted text preview: As people moved to suburbs congress reps from city decreased and increased in suburbs . o Every ten years consensus reallocates representatives based on populations o Delegates in suburbs increasing o Recently US growing south and west. o NY has been largest until recently, it will lose members of congress to Florida and California 1956 Eisenhower: proposed highway system national defense highway act to help suburban development along. o Each representative could choose their own construction company to build the highway running through their states. o Didnt raise taxes to build excise tax on gas (still there) o Road network for all suburban communities. o Beltway mentality built to avoid construction right down middle of parkway Hurt city budgets: Taxes a. Sale tax decrease b. Income tax decrease c....
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Pol 327February 11 - As people moved to suburbs congress...

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