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Production & Quality Sp 2009 I N S T R U C T O R V E R S I O N 1. An article on contract manufacturing notes that local network equipment company Cisco in fact makes very little of its own products. The change in the electronics industry to relying on contract manufacturers, rather than on the firm’s own factories was described as a process of: a. Horizontal coordination b. Vertical disintegration c. Horizontal disintegration d. Vertical coordination Ans. B ® 235 2. While much of US manufacturing has been sent overseas, factories that do remain in America tend to be set up as “flexible manufacturing” facilities. To be successful, these types of factories depend on: a. Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines b. Being run as non-union shops c. Digital Numeric Computers (DNC) to draw plans for operators to follow d. Getting unions to agree to flexible shift schedules Ans. A ® 239, L2 & Q2 3. A Japanese company is usually credited with having perfected the low-inventory “Just in Time” model of production according to an article by James Surowiecki. Which one? a. Toyota b. Sony c. Panasonic d. Honda Ans. A ® 237 Interestingly, they came up with the idea after visiting US Safeway stores and noting that there are no warehouses in back of the stores—milk, etc arrive JIT each day. I gave a warning at class 5 that the Reader article Q’s were “who” and “why”. 4. The State of Alabama gave generous incentives to Mercedes and other car companies to set up factories in their state. They were hoping to replace jobs lost from: a. Agriculture b. The furniture industry c. Textile and clothing manufacturing d. Home building Ans. C ® 216 Not immortal as a question—just a “did you read the article?” check. 5. One way to rapidly evacuate people from areas where hurricanes are about to make landfall is to use both sides of the freeway in the same direction (reverse flow or contra flow). This doesn’t quite double the capacity of the freeway according to an article on modeling because: a. Cars drive much slower in reverse b. Drivers are confused by “Wrong Way” signs c. It takes too long for governors to issue the evacuation order d. Even with forecasters warning, there are never enough police to effect the contra- flow Ans. B ® 249 Did you read the article? You’d think that reversing flow would give you double the capacity, but not quite that much . Concept also discussed in lecture, but not the “60 to 70 percent”
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Production & Quality Sp 2009 I N S T R U C T O R V E R S I O N increase mentioned in the article . 6. British Airways hoped to beat rivals at London’s highly-competitive Heathrow airport by opening a new terminal last year. However, the opening was a disaster with many cancelled flights and many travelers being forced to leave their luggage behind. According to a Wall Street Journal report, this was due to several factors including: a. Failure to check that the huge new A380 planes could fit into the gates at the new
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Old+Exam-1 - Production Quality Sp 2009 INSTRUCTOR VERSION...

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