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function co = cardiac_output(array) % CARDIAC_OUTPUT calculates blood flow rate from the heart. The function % depends on the maximum value of cardiac output, a scaling factor, the % minimum pressure at the right atrium, and the the actual pressure at the % right atrium. % % BEE 1510: Introduction to Computer Programming % Laboratory Exercise Number 05 % Timothy Lin % TA: Miriam % % Original Code: October 02, 2008 % Last Revision: % % Variable Dictionary: % array = array of [co_max, k, Prao, Pra]
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Unformatted text preview: % co = cardiac output, the blood flow rate from the heart, liters/minute % co_max = max cardiac output, liters/minute % k = scaling parameter, mmHg % Prao = minimum pressure at the right atrium resulting in flow, mmHg % Pra = actual pressure at the right atrium, mmHg % % Array values co_max = array(1) k = Prao = Pra = P %Calculate cardiac output co = co_max/(1 + ((k/(Pra - Prao))^2)); c end % function cardiac_output...
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