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HW04 - Turn In 1 A listing of all the program sections you...

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Homework Exercise Number 4 Rainfall Excess and Surface Runoff : Files and Arrays Recap: In Laboratory Exercises 8 and 9, you should have created code that will do all the work necessary to determine, for a watershed, the daily volumes of surface runoff (if any) for every day of a year, given hourly air temperature and daily precipitation data (the sort of data one obtains from official weather station data files), and a data file of land use area characteristics. To Do: Complete your program and homework report. As a minimum, include a graph of yearly surface runoff volumes from the watershed and a file of the days/runoff volumes only for the days when there is runoff. Write the daily surface runoff values (all days of the year) to a file. We will use this file in the term project as input data. It would be best to format the runoff data file without any decimal places (any decimals would lead to far too many significant digits) - and don't format the data to include commas to separate thousands.
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Unformatted text preview: Turn In: 1. A listing of all the program sections you created for this project. 2. A separate algorithm for each code section that you wrote for this project. 3. A copy of the results your program produces for the runoff on those days where there is some , with contents based on the following data: > 151TEMP.DAT and 151PRECP.DAT weather data files > H2OSHED.DAT watershed data Be sure your output includes a list of total daily runoff (m ) from the entire watershed for 3 each day of the year when there is runoff . This point is emphasized to avoid a possible need to print 365 lines of mostly zeroes. How to do this??? Think about an if/else statement that prints to the file only if the value of runoff is greater than. ........ 4. Other parts of your report as suggested in the report format directions. NOTE: You do not need to turn in a copy of the data file you created for runoff on every day of the year. But. ...don’t lose it!...
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