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Journal01 - When I tested out the program there was a great...

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Timothy Lin BEE 1510 Introduction to Computer Programming Course Journal Entry: HW01 due: 10/2/08 The important thing I learned from this homework exercise was not only how to create and finish programs, but how to make them more elegant in their appearance to the user. I had already known how to create a function and a script and even how to integrate them into each other. However, in this homework exercise, I concentrated more on how to make the program look more elegant when the user had to input data as well as when he had to read the results and answers. A considerable amount of time was dedicated to learning and perfecting the fprintf command.
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Unformatted text preview: When I tested out the program, there was a great amount of pride in the fact that in my viewpoint as a user, the program was very simple and left little room for error on my (the user’s) part. In addition, the layout was very clean and the results were all displayed in a very readable and straightforward output. As for the real world application of the subject matter, I learned about the different methods used to determine the extent of metabolic processes in animals. In addition, there was a greater understanding of how some feelings such as “sensation of heat” have to be empirically deduced by attaching number values....
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