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Timothy Lin BEE 1510: Introduction to Computer Programming Course Journal Entry: HW02 due: 10/16/08 The important thing I learned from this homework exercise was to how to use if/else statements to run different parts of my program. Throughout the program, I used if/else statements to make the program run certain aspects if other conditions had been met. For example, I used the if/else coding to either make the program continue if “mineral” was chosen or terminate if “organic” was chosen by the user. I also used if/else to take inputs from the “soil_triangle” function and display them instead of just numbers, as words to ease the user’s understanding of the results. In addition, through some skills also developed in homework 01, in
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Unformatted text preview: trying to make my program more elegant, I added another menu choice in addition to the organic and mineral choices. I added a choice to calculate just the soil type with user inputs of clay, silt and sand percentages. It made doing parts of the overall objective much easier because instead of having to run through the entire program to figure out just the soil classification. As for the real world application of the subject matter, I learned about the different classifications of soil and about how different types of soil are affected by the different specific heats. In addition, there was a greater understanding of how specific heats affected not only the different soils, but also the different classifications....
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