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Timothy Lin BEE 1510: Introduction to Computer Programming Course Journal Entry: HW03 due: 11/06/08 The important thing I learned from this homework exercise was how to combine count-controlled (“for”) loops, condition controlled (“while”) loops and if/else statements to randomize values and perform a bisection. For this exercise, the task was to solve two equations when set equal to each other for a certain parameter, in this case for heart rate. And to solve for this unknown variable (called “Pra” in the script file), a brute force technique was used to arrive at the value when cardiac output – venous return (the two equations) were equal to zero (which would mean they are the same value). After that, the actual pressure at the right atrium (Pra) was put through the cardiac_output function (I
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Unformatted text preview: could have used the venous_return function, same answer would have been sent back) to calculate the heart rates for the entire population, which were then displayed in a histogram. I learned a lot about the heart and more specifically, about how it pumps blood and the calculations associated with that. Almost at the same time I was doing these laboratory exercises, in Biology class, I was learning about the anatomy of the heart and the two classes almost corresponded in their teachings. The science and mathematics of the heart are important in the study of medicine and programs like these that can predict an entire population of heart rates could be very useful in preventive research, such as the development of new drugs....
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