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Prelim1 - Topics for Prelim 1 REVIEW SESSION Sunday...

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Topics for Prelim 1 REVIEW SESSION: Sunday, September 21 – 1-3 pm check Moodle for last yr’s prelim Top Down Design/Problem Solving: What is top-down design? breaking down a system to gain insight into its compositional sub-systems big small one step paths Algorithms: What is an algorithm? a step-by-step procedure, featuring well-defined beginning and ending points, which is created to solve a specific problem in a finite number of steps most important step in program development Why is it important? breaks down problem into smallest possible tasks (top-down) acts as framework for final program What should it contain? 1) description 2) inputs a. constants b. user inputs 3) calculations 4) outputs a. display results b. plots
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5) additional instructions shouldn’t include actual coding calculations/equations should be in math syntax, not MATLAB syntax M-Files (Functions and Script Files): What is the difference between a function file and a script file? function file - single task - cannot usually run on its own script file - carries out program in order given (i.e. functions) - runs by itself both are m-files The MATLAB Environment: General MATLAB items o What does the “;” do? o clf – clears figures o clc – clears command window o clear – clears workspace Built In Functions (Ch. 3) o log – natural log o log10 – log base 10 o exp – e ^x o size – displays size of an array (rows, cols) o length – displays the length of the longest dimension of x o abs – absolute value o round – rounds the value to the closest integer o ceil – rounds to the next largest integer
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