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function precip = readPrecipFile(fileName) % READPRECIPFILE reads the daily values of precipitation (in inches) from % the precipitation data file (151PRECP.DAT), converts them into an array % of daily precipitation values in centimeters and returns the array to % the invoking statement. % % BEE 1510: Introduction to Computer Programming % Laboratory Exercise Number 07 % Timothy Lin % TA: Celina % % Record of Revisions: % Original Code: October 16, 2008 % Last Revision: % % Variable Dictionary
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Unformatted text preview: % fileName = name of file entered by user as string % precip = precipitation value in cm % precip_cm = precipitation value in cm % precip_in = precipitation value in in % in_cm = conversion factor from in to cm % % Parameters in_cm = 2.54; i % Read daily values of precipitation from precipitation data file (in) precip_in = textread(fileName); p % Convert precipitation values from in to cm precip_cm = precip_in*in_cm; precip = [precip_cm]'; p end % readPrecipFile...
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