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%Tim Lin %TimLinLab01 %BEE 151: Introduction to Computer Programming %Laboratory Exercise Number 1 %Title: Growth kinetics of a bacterial population %Purpose: Program to calculate and draw graph for a bacterial population undergoing unconstrained growth. %Laboratory TA: Celina %Last Modified: September 4 % %Reference: Lima, Marybeth. 2003. Biological Reaction Kinetics, in Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering. D. Heldmen, ed. Marcel Dekker, Inc. pp. 75-79. p %Variable Dictionary: %time_start: time (decimal, 24 hour clock, must be <= 0) at which the population stops growing %time_step: the time steps for calculation, decimal parts of an hour %time: current time, decimal hours %time_end: time (decimal, 24 hour clock, must be <= 24) at which the simulation is to end %double_time: the doubling time of the organism
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Unformatted text preview: %num_start: number of organisms in original population %num: current number of organisms %mu: specific growth rate % %Constants: none % %parameter values - to avoid any but the most obvious literal values in the code!! time_start = 12.0; % noon num_start = 2.5E4; % 25,000 in initial population time_end = 14.0; % 2 pm time_step = 5/60; % specify the time step for calculations, hrs double_time = 15/60; % specify population doubling time, hrs d %Calculations for unconstrained growth mu = log(2)/double_time; %calculate specific growth rate time = time_start:time_step:time_end; % step the simulation through time num = num_start*exp (mu*(time - time_start)); % population at each time step n %Graph Results for unconstrain...
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