02 - created or destroyed All that happens is a...

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Lecture 2: Chem 2070 Review of major concepts from last lecture: Everything is made from atoms. There are about 100 chemically distinct types of atoms. These are listed in the periodic table. Atoms like to connect (bond) to each other (to the same or a different element). In chemical reactions atoms are not changed,
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Unformatted text preview: created or destroyed. All that happens is a rearrangement of the bonding patterns. Today’s Homework: Finish reading Chapter 2 tonight. Start reading Chapter 3. Assignment #1 is posted on Mastering chemistry.com. To obtain credit, your answers must be submitted electronically by Friday at 4:15 pm. Submit by deadline even if only partly done, nothing will be accepted after 4:15 pm. However, assignments will remain accessible on the web for the entire term, so that you can revisit any problem for learning purposes....
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02 - created or destroyed All that happens is a...

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