57 58 pressure correction because the molecules are

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Unformatted text preview: of molecules per liter. since two molecules interact, the effect must be squared. 2 n Pobserved = P'-a V Pobserved Altogether 2 nRT n = - a V - nb V Where does it come from a and b are determined by experiment. Different for each gas. Look them up Bigger molecules have larger b. a depends on both size and polarity. once given, plug and chug. Called the Van der Waal's equation if rearranged Corrected Pressure 59 n 2 Pobs + a x ( V- nb) = nRT V Corrected Volume 60 10 Example Calculate the pressure exerted by 0.5000 mol Cl2 in a 1.000 L container at 25.0C Using the ideal gas law. Van der Waal's equation a = 6.49 atm L2 /mol2 b = 0.0562 L/mol 61 11...
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