It must be given 36 when these valves are opened what

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Unformatted text preview: sure and the total pressure? 35 6 Example N2O can be produced by the following reaction heat NH 4 NO 3 ( s) NO 2 (g) + 2H 2 O ( l ) what volume of N2O collected over water at a total pressure of 94 kPa and 22C can be produced from 2.6 g of NH4NO3? ( the vapor pressure of water at 22C is 21 torr) Kinetic Molecular Theory Theory tells why the things happen. explains why ideal gases behave the way they do. Assumptions that simplify the theory, but don't work in real gases. 1 The particles are so small we can ignore their volume. 2 The particles are in constant motion and their collisions cause pressure. 38 37 Kinetic Molecular Theory 3 The particles do not affect each other, neither attracting or repelling. 4 The average kinetic energy is proportional to the Kelvin temperature. Appendix 2 shows the derivation of the ideal gas law and the definition of temperature. We need the formula KE = 1/2 mv2 39 40 What it tells us (KE)avg = 3/2 RT This the meaning of temperature. u is the particle velocity. u is the average particle velocity. u 2 is the average of the squared particle velocity. the root mean square velocity is u2 =u rms Combine these two equations For a mole of...
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