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R is the ideal gas constant r 008206 l atm mol k tells

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Unformatted text preview: / mol K Tells you about a gas is NOW. The other laws tell you about a gas when it changes. 20 19 Ideal Gas Law An equation of state. state. Independent of how you end up where you are at. Does not depend on the path. Given 3 you can determine the fourth. An Empirical Equation - based on experimental evidence. 21 22 Ideal Gas Law A hypothetical substance - the ideal gas Think of it as a limit. Gases only approach ideal behavior at low pressure (< 1 atm) and high temperature. Use the laws anyway, unless told to do otherwise. They give good estimates. Examples A 47.3 L container containing 1.62 mol of He is heated until the pressure reaches 1.85 atm. What is the temperature? Kr gas in a 18.5 L cylinder exerts a pressure of 8.61 atm at 24.8C What is the mass of Kr? A sample of gas has a volume of 4.18 L at 29C and 732 torr. What would its volume be at 24.8C and 756 torr? 23 24 Gas Density and Molar Mass D = m/V Let M stand for molar mass M = m/n n= PV/RT M= m PV/RT M = mRT = m RT = DRT PV V P P 4 Examples What is the density of ammonia at 23C and 735 torr? A compound has the empirical formula CHCl. A 256 mL flask at 100.C and 750 torr contains .80...
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