What is the final pressure in kpa charles law volume

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Unformatted text preview: in kPa? Charles' Law Volume of a gas varies directly with the absolute temperature at constant pressure. V = kT (if T is in Kelvin) V1 = V2 T1 = T2 Graphically 12 11 2 He Examples CH4 H2O H2 What would the final volume be if 247 mL of gas at 22C is heated to 98C , if the pressure is held constant? V (L) -273.15C 13 T (C) 14 Examples At what temperature would 40.5 L of gas at 23.4C have a volume of 81.0 L at constant pressure? Avogadro's Law Avagadro's At constant temperature and pressure, the volume of gas is directly related to the number of moles. V = k n (n is the number of moles) V1 = V2 n1 = n2 15 16 GayGay- Lussac Law At constant volume, pressure and absolute temperature are directly related. P=kT P1 = P2 T1 = T2 Combined Gas Law If the moles of gas remains constant, use this formula and cancel out the other things that don't change. P1 V1 = P2 V2 T1 T2 . 17 18 3 Examples A deodorant can has a volume of 175 mL and a pressure of 3.8 atm at 22C. What would the pressure be if the can was heated to 100.C? What volume of gas could the can release at 22C and 743 torr? Ideal Gas Law PV = nRT V = 22.42 L at 1 atm, 0C, n = 1 mole, what is R? R is the ideal gas constant. R = 0.08206 L atm...
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