Lab 8 - review of structures Label external structures...

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A55 Invertebrate I Worksheet. Due at the end of your lab. N a m e GSI & Sect # Station # The required drawings and tables are a guideline to help you in your studies. In addition you should make further drawings if you find them helpful. Use the review sheet! Fill in the invertebrate 1 charts. 1) In the left circle below make a drawing of the microscope slide of the Hydra , include labels: mesoglea, epidermis, gastrodermis, tentacles, gastrovascular cavity, basal disc. H y d r a D u g e s i a 2) Using the circle above and to the right, make a drawing of the cross section of Dugesia . Include labels: longitudinal & circular muscles, pharynx, gastrovascular cavity. Be sure you also examine the whole mount. 3) Did you check your review sheet? Have you filled in the chart? Continued on the back side.
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A56 4) Include a drawing of your dissected earthworm. Label internal & external structures (refer to page A41 for a
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Unformatted text preview: review of structures). Label external structures: mouth, anus, clitellum Label internal structures: suprapharyngeal ganglion, pharynx, esophagus, crop, gizzard, intestine, chloragogen tissue, pseudohearts, metanephridia, septum, esophageal glands (calciferous glands), seminal vesicles, spermatheca (seminal receptacles), ventral nerve cord, ventral blood vessel. 5) Make a quick sketch of the clam. Label: anterior and posterior adductor muscles, ctenidia, foot, labial palp, siphon (incurrent and excurrent), mantle, and viscera. 6) Look in the marine tank. It will be station #30 on lab exam 2. You need to identify all of the organisms that belong to the following phyla. List common name, class, subphylum, and phylum as appropriate. Porifera: Platyhelminthes: Cnidaria: Annelida: Mollusca:...
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Lab 8 - review of structures Label external structures...

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