3 - Chemical Compounds - Chapter 3: Chemical Compounds 3.1...

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Chapter 3: Chemical Compounds 3.1 Molecular Compounds molecular compound – atoms of two or more different elements are combined into molecules Molecular Formulas o molecular formula – number and kinds of atoms combined to make one molecule of the compound o inorganic compounds – do not contain carbon o organic compounds – contain carbon, usually hydrogen, sometimes O, N, S, P, or halogens o structural formula – shows how atoms are connected o condensed formulas – atoms or groups of atoms connected to each carbon atom o functional groups – distinct groups of organic compounds 3.2 Naming Binary Inorganic Compounds binary molecular compounds consist of molecules that contain atoms of only two elements binary compound of H with every nonmetal except noble gases; hydrogen compounds – H is written first and named first; other nonmetal is named with ending as –ide; i.e., HCl is hydrogen chloride elements in formulas and names are based on order of group numbers and prefixes are changed to designate number (mono, di, tri, tetra, etc.); i.e., CO = carbon monoxide common names: water, ammonia, hydrazine (N 2 H 4 ), nitric oxide (NO), nitrous oxide (N 2 O), phosphine (PH 3 ) 3.3 Hydrocarbons hydrocarbons – organic compounds made up of carbon and hydrogen only; simplest class main constituents of living matter chemical bond is an attractive force between two atoms holding them together; carbon can form chains, rings, and other structures alkanes – simplest major class, fuels and lubricants, C n H 2n+2 , unbranched chains o methane, ethane, propane, butane o changing a hydrogen to a different element changes the compound and its characteristics 3.4 Alkanes and Their Isomers isomers – two or more compounds that have the same molecular formula but different arrangements; differ in physical and chemical properties constitutional isomers (structural isomers) – compounds with same molecular formula that differ in order in
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3 - Chemical Compounds - Chapter 3: Chemical Compounds 3.1...

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