feldman1 - -Basic characteristics:-non-motile filamentous,...

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Dr. Feldman’s Lecture Outlines - 1 Lecture 1, Introduction/Fungi -Continued existence of life on earth depends on plants; -photosynthesis -Plant lifecycle consists of two separate generations -sporophyte (2n) and gametophyte (n) -Two generations alternate to make up the life cycle =Alternation of Generations. .. first unifying theme in understanding plants. Fungi: -Not true plants, but considered with plants for historical reasons -No more closely related to plants than plants are to animals
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Unformatted text preview: -Basic characteristics:-non-motile filamentous, eukaryotes-absorb nutrients-cell walls contain chitin-life cycle generally involves spores and can be sexual or asexual-heterotropic decomposers-Commercial uses-Lifecycle-Organism comprised of filaments (hypha; pl = hyphae); many hyphae together = myce-lium-monokaryon and dikaryon Dr. Feldman’s Lecture Outlines - 2...
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feldman1 - -Basic characteristics:-non-motile filamentous,...

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