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KinesiologY 205 Lab Lab #2 Aerobic GaPacitY Group Data Sheet Lab Section tD# (last 4 diqits) gender (M/F) predicted VOet", (mUkq/min) % bodyfat (skinfolds) {from lab #1) aerobic exercise (hrs/wk) /24 3 vl '/s 6q /S'7, 3 2+L\ F 4lo'L z2,3ulu (0-g nS {'fos vl 3fI lz 'y', + 9c4\+ M 3.w \-l -/"
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Unformatted text preview: 41to M w0.32 lb.5L Z dffi M tl{,.{3 It'"13 3 I67q ln^ fo.zt (0 gi. l.s Agol F ffi:g .rSSr 3 +s8 ? /tt\ 37. (5 lS.zt % L o063 /V s0-$E lo-]o/u Kq gz /"\ ,lf.tS 2I.-lZ 2-Q7fl ,l) +2 lq 7o ,\ 9oe9 r ,?i 2C'/" 3--6 A--t...
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