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12 Lecture - TUESDAY FEBRUARY 10 Exam next Thursday Check...

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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Exam next Thursday. Check his notes on Blackboard. Next Tuesday will be a review. Study: people are eating larger portions. People just don’t think the juice they drink adds to calories but they do Treatment of Obesity Drugs Prescription (FDA approved) Peterman - short term (<6months) Sibutramine (Medridia) - long term (<1 year) Efficiency - n 5-15lbs decreases over and above placebo Possible problems as a result of taking a prescription drug I.e. Viox - anti-inflammatory. Manufacturer - Mer. And Celebrex (Fiser) taken out. Both long term FDA approved as an anti inflammatory. Less of a negative effect on the gastro lining. No one thought much of it, but it causes problems in the organ system. Both were recalled voluntarily by Mer and Fiser. So how do you determine if a drug is safe or not. Can you trust over the counter drugs? Are the more benign? No! They can be even more lethal than prescription drugs. Tylenol is it a better alternative to asprin? Unfortunately many analgesics can have very serious effects on the kidney and liver even if you don’t overdose. Even vitamins and minerals can be lethal. People vary in susceptibility. Don’t take any substances unless you absolutely have to. You’re better off not to. Over the Counter drugs aren’t scrutinized as much as prescription drugs. Acutain - treats severe acne. Side effects: birth defects, mental disorder, pain in the muscles bones and joints. Problems with Miridia. Helps with weight loss and weight control. Increased blood pressure and heart rate constricts blood vessels. That alone, hypertension, is a definite big problem that could occur. Appetite suppresants are the main drugs being looked at but there is another we’ll look at: Digestive Inhibitors Starch blockers Natural system: Starch Maltose Glucose (simplest sugar and can be absorbed) Starch blockers would stop this conversion from happening and you’d just excrete the starch you eat. Study said it wouldn’t work. People want the joy of eating without netting the calories Xenical Triglycerides ---Lipase-- Free Fat Acid
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- Lipase breaks food down into free fatty acids. Xenical blocks reaction of converting triglycerides. However, bacteria in the body loves undigested food you end up with Gas - Distention Flatulence, Oily Stools, Anal Leakage, Skid Marks. When you have a lot of fat in the stool, a lot of it can leak through. Again it depends on the individual and the level they are taking the drug. The drug blocks about 30% of the lipase. Recommends that you consume no more than 90 grams of fat a day (9 calories per gram about 800 calories). So that would prevent you from absorbing 1/3 of that, you would save 30 grams of fat, 270 calories. Save one pound, 3500 calories, would take up to two weeks. If you don’t absorb
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12 Lecture - TUESDAY FEBRUARY 10 Exam next Thursday Check...

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