ARLT101.2nd Mini-Project Topics

ARLT101.2nd Mini-Project Topics - ARLT 101: 2nd...

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ARLT 101: 2 nd Mini-Project Topics For this third assignment, worth up to 5 points, complete one of the following options. 1. Take a bus ride in Los Angeles and write a 2-3 page essay about it that imitates the style, mood and tone of Steve Abee’s The Bus . Abee has called The Bus an “homage to the run-on sentence.” You are encouraged to use long sentences, similar to the ones Abee crafts in his work, in this essay. At least one sentence in the essay should be at least 150 words long. 2. Provide a description, rich with metaphor, of four of the different types of palm trees that can be found in Los Angeles (drawings of the palm trees with their species name in Latin would also be helpful), and cite and comment upon two passages from the texts read for the course where palm trees are described. 3. Write a brief description and review about the four best or most interesting websites that you can find about Los Angeles. Check out the list of websites on page 298 of the Time Out Guide to Los Angeles. Each description and review should be 5-6 sentences or a short paragraph. Suggest how each of these websites might be used to provide a significiant perspective on a text assigned for the course. 4. Write a food review that includes four paragraphs of commentary on the following foods: 1) a pupusa (try the ones at La Flor Blanca in a minimall on Jefferson just west of Vermont street); 2) an item served at “Chichen Itza” in the Mercado La Paloma (located at 37 th and Grand); 3) an item served at a Korean, Indian or Mexican restaurant on Vermont street; and 4) your favorite food at your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. At the end of the essay, cite two passages about food from the assigned reading and provide
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ARLT101.2nd Mini-Project Topics - ARLT 101: 2nd...

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