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MIDTERM REVIEW - Twilight o o o Rudy Salas My Enemy frst...

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Twilight · Rudy Salas – My Enemy – frst speaker o History of LA = history of police brutality against him and his family · Twilight – last speaker o Understanding the spaces between/ uncertainty and being able to move beyond that? · Sydney Shinebaum o Why does it have to be us vs. them · Rodney King Reginald Denny were beaten, police captian? Was Darryl Gates – where did the trials take place?? Christopher Isherwood · Watts Little Rome · How watts has been treated in LA – critique · Ends wiwth a prayer – hope and possibility · Super critical and angry for the rest of the passage · Emperor nero who fiddled while rome burned o Rsponse to watts riots – we are preoccupied with things while Watts is destroyed?? Half and half · Garret congo mad because he lives in oregon and wants to live in LA · Tweed - Vietnamese woman – moving to viet cong/ nam? o Something about her family · Multiplicity of cultures Always outnumbered always outgunned
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