2 - Railroad changes everything Self-sufficient Government...

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AMH2020 8/31/09 1877: end of reconstruction of the South from a slave labor society to a free labor society Presidential Election Hayes (Republican) v. Tilden (Democrat) o Hayes – 185 votes – won popular vote o Tilden – 184 votes – won electoral vote Democratic party dominated South Republican party was anti-slavery o South voted Republican, which was very unusual b/c they were anti-slavery 1860 – 1960 South was Democratic Southern Democrats agreed to let Hayes be President if they received grants for railroad, move military out of South, put Democrats in cabinet – Republicans agreed – Compromise of 1877; Redemption Political turning point Rise of KKK Great railroad strike of 1877 o Countrys in deep depression = paycut, 2/3 of all rail shut down o 1 st nationwide strike 1880-1990 23,000 strikes in US Industrialization unskilled labor reduced wages rise of middle class more officiate production = mass production
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Jump-started by Civil War o military needs supplies
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Unformatted text preview: Railroad changes everything Self-sufficient Government • to discourage imports gov’t put 3% tax on imports o tariff • centralization of money • before Civil War there were regional economies • Centralization o Trade o Monetary policy Homestead Act – 1862 • Develop land for 5 yrs get 160 acres of free land o Encourage people to move out West Federal Land Grant Colleges (UF) $65 million to build railroads during war 1/10 of US goes to railroads • 40 miles of both sides of the track • people began to build around railroad b/c it was the most convenient place to open a business • railroads had a lot of power at this time o most good land went to railroad • this was not Laissez Faire, but people considered it one & still do o gov’t can be involved as long as it’s promotional and not restrictive Expanding land = expanding liberty Oil was first discovered in Pennsylvania • Light • Railroad...
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2 - Railroad changes everything Self-sufficient Government...

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