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ARB001 First Year Week Zero Week Zero: 9/24-9/25 Words of the week: essmi-esmuka-esmuki Thurs. 9/24: Class: Introduction, introducing oneself. Syllabus and policy. Alphabet song. Sign- up sheets and movie poll. HW: Read Introduction in Alifbaa pp1-8 Fri.9/25: Class: the letters Alif and Baa, up till page 13. Alphabet song. HW: Writing pp 10 and 12 on separate paper. A minimum of 2 lines. ARB001 First Year Week One Week One: 9/28-10/2 Words of the Week: shokran- ‘afwan Mon 9/28: Class: Taa and thaa, up till p. 16
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Unformatted text preview: HW: Writing pp.14,16 Tues.9/29: Class: wow, yaa, and short vowels. HW: Writing pp.18,19, and listen to the DVD (Culture), both exercises. Wed. 9/30: Class: drills # 10,12,13 + culture pp 26,27 HW: drill# 11, 14 Thurs. 10/1: Class: Unit 2, jeem, haa, khaa, pp. 28-34 and drills # 3, 5, and 6 HW: Writing pp 29,30,32,34 and drill # 4 Fri. 10/2: Class: sokoon, wow, and yaa. Pp. 35- 37, and drills # 8, 9, 11. HW: drill # 10 p38 and prepare Vocab and Culture pp. 38, 39...
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