4_23_07a - Cool down by sitting in the wind Also employ...

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Anatomy/ physiology Monday, April 23, 2007 11:40 AM Review Chap 40 Tissues, organs, organ systems How do they contribute to homeostasis   Digestive system Respiratory system Integumentary system Muscular system Skeletal system Nervous system Endocrine system Circulatory system Lymphatic system Urinary system Reproductive system Endotherm= able to control own body temperature Animals and birds Advantage= much more versatile Comes with a huge energy expenditure Basal metabolic rate (energy expenditure at rest) (human approx 1500kcal/day) Ectotherms (reptiles)  Standard metabolic rate (energy expenditure at rest) Dependant on outside temperature to stay warm Warm up by sitting in the sun
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Unformatted text preview: Cool down by sitting in the wind Also employ counter current principals of thermo regulation See fig 40.15 Heat exchange between arterial and venous blood. Ectotherms require a lot less energy to maintain For exam: know how to draw metabolic energy flow chart (see fig 40.1 thermostat/heater example) (fig 40.21) Ruffini endings = heat sensing Topor = short term reduction in basal metabolic rate Hibernation = long term topor - usually because it is cold Estivation = long term topor- usually because it is dry See fig 45.9 feedback regulation flow chart....
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4_23_07a - Cool down by sitting in the wind Also employ...

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