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March 26, 2007 biology 130 Genetics Birds – sex linked are in females while males are homozygous Honeybees – have a haploid diploid system Polygenic traits o Many alleles on different chromosomes determine how gene is expressed o Epistasis One gene influences the expression of another gene One gene for melanin – white or yellow lab Black is dominant over yellow Second gene determines if color is imbedded in fur If homozygous recessive for second gene then automatically yellow If dominant, produce whatever color is produced. Homozygous recessive for color and heterozygous for color expression is chocolate BC Bc bC bc BC BBCC BBCc BbCC BbCc
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Unformatted text preview: Bc BBCc BBcc BbCc Bbcc bC BbCC BbCc bbCC bbCc bc BbCc Bbcc bbCc bbcc • Barr body – one of the two X chromosomes becomes inactive in different parts of the body o Examples- orange and black color cats, epistasis can occur even more • Chromosomes are imprinted as whether they are maternal or paternal o Can effect expression of gene o Females with Turner syndrome Females who get X from father have higher tendency for aggression Females with X from mother have lower aggression. Different aspects of behavior o Imprinting is wiped out in meiosis and re-imprinted when gametes are formed for children...
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