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NPB 101, Autumn 2009 Recommended reading (Wingfield lectures, September 24 – October 13) for the mid-term on October 19 (neurophysiology section). Note that powerpoint presentations will be placed on the course website. These will be the guide for topics on the exams with the exception of the first powerpoint that is for introduction only. No exam questions will be taken solely from the first powerpoint. Text is “Human Physiology, from cells to systems, Seventh Edition, L. Sherwood. Introduction. Chapter 1 pages 1-16, Chapter 2 pages 21-31, 41-47, Chapter 4, pages 111- 125. Neurophysiology. Chapters 3, 5, 6 and 7. Chapter 4 pages 85–110. It is particularly important that you know the following for the mid-term on October 19 (from Wingfield lectures, Sept. 24 and 25): Concept of homeostasis, major organ systems involved Cells, bi-lipid layer and functional components – channels,
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Unformatted text preview: adhesion molecules, gap junctions, receptors, transport molecules Feedback loops (negative and positive) How are chemical messengers synthesized proteins and peptides modified amino acids, free fatty acids, steroids, esters of choline Chemical packaging intracellular transport and secretion – Golgi apparatus, secretory vesicles, microtubules, exocytosis, endocytosis, constitutive versus regulated secretion. Mechanisms of hormone/neurotransmitter action – receptor properties, affinity, capacity, specificity, ligands, agonists and antagonists Mechanisms of hormone/neurotransmitter actions – Membrane receptors, G proteins, channels, enzymes, tyrosine and related kinases Early cell mediators – cAMP, inositol triphosphate, diacylglycerol, protein kinases, CREB, MAPK kinases...
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