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/* * From The Register * / * * Example of a currency calculation with rounding to the nearest cent in * which inexact representation leads to a problem. The Register's example * was $59.00 + 12.5% of $59.00 which has the exact result $66.375 (which * should be then rounded up to $66.38), however inexact representation * leads to a result like 66.374999999, which is rounded down instead. * However I found that my compiler/OS did not have a problem with
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Unformatted text preview: this * example. Using 10.5 percent did show the problem. */ #include <stdio.h> int main() { float x; /* Currency calculation */ x=59.00+(10.5/100.)*59.00; printf("59.00 + 10.5 percent of 59.00 = %.10f\n", x); printf("The exact answer should be = 65.195\n"); printf("\n"); printf("Consider the effect of rounding to the nearest cent.\n"); /* I get the result 65.1949996948 which would be rounded to $65.19; * however the (exact) answer is 65.195 which would be rounded to * $65.20 - a rip-off of one cent! */ return 0; }...
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