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Richard Russoniello April 9, 2008 Animal Behavior Ms. Bailey 1. - monkeys use brain to find hidden food (example: looking under leaves and bushes) - monkeys hit clams on rock repeatedly to get it open - some monkeys travel together in order to watch for predators and share their food with each other(allows them to eat more then if they were alone) - learn certain fruits and plants/leaves can be beneficial for their diet and health - they change current behaviors if they will better able them to attain food To maximize food intake, these monkeys will work together with other monkeys they do not like when they find a rare, valuable food source in order to better their fitness.
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Unformatted text preview: Animals will do almost anything to maximize their food intake as long as its benefits outweigh the costs. 2. They just knew certain plants were beneficial like the rats in the reading knew to eat clay after consuming poison. 3. Communication is used when the monkeys find a valuable food source they need help with, when they find something beneficial for their health(rubbing the leaves). Communication is also used when there is danger present to warn others or to receive their help. There is also communication when there is disagreements between the monkeys. Communication can occur for many reasons and is used very frequently....
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