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Animal Behavior April 15, 2008 Sexual vs. Asexual : Sexual- Costs - time and energy to find mate, can be dangerous(females hurt during sex or males focusing on getting mate but get eaten instead), only pass on 50% of genes Benefits - variation in offspring, can get more parental care, deal well with environmental changes, Asexual- Costs - no new genes introduced, Benefits - pass on 100% of genes Anisogamy- gametes of different sizes Little Gametes- make a lot and are good at fertilizing other gametes
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Unformatted text preview: Big Gametes-good at developing after fertilization -males fitness limited by access to females-females fitness limited by number of eggs she can make-limited by access to resources Females-W= fitness M= fecundity(number of offspring) P= survival of offspring L= survival of female W= M x P x L Sexual Selection: two types-Intersexual Selection-females choice Intrasexual Selection-male-male competition...
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