Animal notes april 4

Animal notes april 4 - :-resident vs. invader -newly-molted...

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April 4, 2008 Cheaters : illegitimate receivers : an individual that intercepts a signal meant for individuals of another species- usually to the signalers detriment illegitimate signalers : an individual that uses deception to reduce the fitness of a receiver Stomatopad Bluffing : Bluffing in Gonodactylus bredini- background : -one of few species known to bluff despite bluffing appearing evolutionary unstable -use meral displays to show aggression -newly-molted individuals also do display despite inability to fight -live in small cavities in coral methods
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Unformatted text preview: :-resident vs. invader -newly-molted vs. intermolt individuals -15% smaller, same size, and 15% larger results :-residents have an advantage -regardless of size asymmetry, newly-molted individuals less likely to maintain cavity than intermolt -less fight escalation if intruder is smaller -the bigger the intruder the more likely to flee-newly-molted individuals less likely to threaten intruders the bigger they are of the newly-molted residents who stayed: -bluffers were most likely to retain their cavity-less likely to get injured...
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Animal notes april 4 - :-resident vs. invader -newly-molted...

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