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People with Schizophrenia are violent? Violence toward self(50% attempt suicide) Most just want to be left alone Is there a cure for Schizophrenia? No cure, It is a chemically based brain disorder caused by a combination of biological and genetic factors, and often triggered by environmental stressors. How widespread is Schizophrenia? 1/100 people are or have the potential to develop What is annual cost of Schizophrenia? 65 billion dollars a year, which covers treatment, medication, and shelter Positive Symptoms(Recognizable) 1. Delusions -“the basic characteristic of madness” -Strong beliefs that are misrepresentations of reality Delusions of grandeur -Truly believe you are somebody famous or important Delusions of persecution -Believe people are out to get you, belief of being watched or tormented Delusions of reference- Things are referenced towards you. Newscasters are talking directly to you Delusions of control - Overwhelming feeling of outside forces controlling your behavior. Capgras Syndrome
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